A Complete Regulated Platform Ecosystem For World Finance And Trade

We believe that financial inclusion is an universal right, no extra-fees, no extra paperwork or considerable periods of time.


Fiat And Crypto In One Platform

Biittt´s primary function is to serve as a financial entity for global inclusion through our descentralized services, such as:

• E-wallet platform

• Banking services (Opening Accounts, International Wires, etc.)

• Trading through micro-shares for traditional and crypto markets.

• Lending loans and credits.

Biittt will assure all types of transactions and inclusion along the issuance of stablecoins backed one by one with fiat money. This fiat money will be USD$ for most of the cases. Our stablecoins primary feature is its efficiency as we have achieved over +1000 thousand transactions per second. Our stablecoins can be transferred instantaneously across the world, increasing liquidity and efficiency in our markets and enabling transactions among our partner companies, their customers and ours, in real time. You can create your own stable coin, what are you waiting for?!


Fintech Services

Personal and Business Accounts that can be linked to Wallets, Crypto Exchanges and POS (Point of Sales).


Token Creation and Customization

Start the transition between legacy banking and blockchain-based services, you are the custodian of your assets.


Wealth Management

Use our Quant App (Quantitive Finances App) to manage your own multiple entries on Traditional and Crypto Markets.

Crypto-Friendly POS

Place payments and Transactions in crypto currencies. Our entire ecosystem allows users to interact through P2P transfers/payments with low commission rates. Users can manage their POS, Wallet and Investment through our Online Dashboard.


Assets Tokenization

We leverage blockchain technology to facilitate the movement of fiat currencies anywhere in the world instantly and securely. Through tokenization, Biittt can host any fiat currency on its platform, as well as our own native cryptocurrency.


AI Tech To Manage Your Asset Portfolio

We base our trading strategy on volume profiles and trending news in different markets. Build your own strategy using our Quant App or consult with our experts.


Available For Everyone

Create different wallets for your children or under age relatives with Biittt for Kids. Manage the money keeping track of their expenses and teach them how to carry on their personal finances.