About Us

We have conducted extensive research and development in order to identify the groups of people who are currently underserved by the banking system and pinpoint the market opportunities which Biittt can penetrate and our proposition can successfully compete. 

Based on our products and services, we have concluded that our efforts should be initially targeted to:

  • The believers of blockchain technology 
  • Tech-savvy millennials and those employed in the gig economy 
  • Foreign nationals living in the developed world 
  • Financially excluded individuals that are: 
    • In high inflation regions.
    • Individuals that cannot participate in different financial markets due to the high entry price/cost.
    • Individuals that do not possess a traditional bank account.

In addition, our team of engineers have adapted the solution to be deployed using Blockchain technology, which means Biittt will become a distributed bank based on this technology. Our product capabilities and functionalities will deliver a tailored solution which meets all the needs of the target audience we have identified.


“We believe that our efforts should create a better financial ecosystem that treasures a greater function, security, transparency, ethical and customer focus. Biittt’s invites selected individuals to join our team which shares their belief in social and financial integration, diversity and openness.”


“We want to create a new, inclusive and fair world through finance. Banking must be inclusive, fair and globally connected and distributed. Everyone, regardless of their location or their wealth, should have access to banking services which meet their needs, keep their currency and data safe, regardless of their background or nationality. We began down this road in 2005 and still believe that financial inclusion is a human right. When people are connected to the financial system and empowered to have ownership and control over their money and data, their participation in local and global economies has the potential to change the world.”