BIittt International’s investment group main goal is to promote economic growth and social value creation by supporting the development of local funding alternatives and promoting the circulation of money, using fiat and DLT. At the core of these efforts is our social mission to help enrich society through our expertise in capital markets.

 A rich natural environment and a healthy social environment are the foundation of economic and business development and people’s lives. We are expanding our products and services, and strengthening our global expansion and governance structures based on the recognition that the protection of the global environment and the promotion of various initiatives are essential for the maintenance and development of both the economy and society.

We strive to create a robust operating platform capable of delivering consistent growth under all conditions and we will bring to the markets opportunities to invest in emerging technologies in our chosen regions.

Being an Antiguan capital investor with blockchain expertise, we are in the perfect spot to bring new sustainable projects within the LatAm markets, Caribbean or African markets together.

This is our field of expertise where we can assist you.

  • Making the strategic decision to be exposed to LatAm, the Caribbean  or African opportunities
  • Setting the right fund structure and appointing  a experienced team of choice in local markets
  • Overseeing all investments   and being the link between the  investments and the investors
  • Initiatives stemming from Biittt’s continuous exposure to the energy sector and appetite for paradigm-changing technological innovation.
  • Understanding and investing in Industries such as Healthcare, Life Sciences, Energy, Education, Government or Defense, producing massive amounts of operational data, are the most demanding for breakthrough innovative digital solutions as they need to:
  • Address the complexity of natural systems (vs. blueprint industrial plants and processes) through the deterministic application of physics/biology/..
  • Mathematics, Modeling, Advanced algorithms and High-Performance Computing innovation developed in such contexts can be deployed across many domains and industry verticals.