Banking & Fintech Services

Checking, Saving Accounts and Credit lines that can be linked to your own Wallet & POS.

• Wallet: P2P Transfers/Wires/Payments in real time with competitive commissions.

• POS (Point of Sales): Crypto-friendly Online & Offline payments via QR codes that are linked to your Wallet or Account.

• Online Dashboard: View your transactions, manage your payments, POS, Account, and Wallets anywhere in real-time.

• Biittt-Cards: A Secure payment card via QR codes or NFC that is linked directly to your Account/Wallet. It allows both debit and prepaid cards, as well as credit card.

DeFi Services:

Create your own token supported by tangible assets. Biittt ecosystem digitize your assets and enables them into worldwide exchanges. Be able to participate in crypto and DeFi markets with your token backed by your tangible assets.

• Staking-as-a-Service: We provide high-yield staking pools for most crypto-currencies.

• Tokenize your Assets: You are the only custodian of your tangible assets. Tokenize your assets and build your token portfolio.

• Lending & Borrowing: Place your Lending & borrowing strategy with no intermediaries and start earning interests.

Wealth Management:

Volumes are the most important input that the market can give, this is because around 80% of all trades and volumes are done only by the 10 largest financial institutions. Our team is made up of experts in professional trading, with more than 20, they have provide analysis and intellectual property for each of the current and effective trading methods.

• QuantApp: Our premise is based on volume profile analysis, as well as indispensable rates and indicators, such as Order Flow Trading, High Frequency Trading, Price-X-Time and others. You can base your own rules or follow our App´s premises.

• Planning & Advice: We help your financial planning and decision taking based on your goals and objectives. Our dedicated advisors will work with you and provide precise and clear recommendations that are designed specifically to your needs.